The THING that is GETTING people in AA/NA Stoned again

“What is your WHY?” Doing some reading on marketing, I kept coming back to this phrase. As much as I dread marketing speak like this, I’ve realized that this concept might help center me. My ADHD brain needs routine and grounding; clarity on why I would prefer to live with intentionality. If I get hit by a car tomorrow, will I have made the most of my gifts? Which suffering have I endured, and walked through, which I can help someone else with? What healing can I be a part of? Sitting in a 12 step meeting 2 years ago it started to become clear

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Video: The 4 Types of Life in Sobriety: Which one are you just for today?

    4 Ways to Live Sobriety (video below) For whatever reason I love talking sobriety with my buddies in recovery. Sobriety has given me so many things! One of the one’s that I value the most is meaningful, deep, relationships, where I am able to talk about ANYTHING without fear of judgement. The topic of today’s blog post is something that I discuss often with my core recovery buddies here in Miami, and usually comes up in conversation as a question like “how you livin’ papa?” Our conversations seem to be fun, light hearted, and brutally honest. If I can get

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  Welcome to our blog, and my first post. I am hoping that this blog becomes  a resource for people in recovery. Please note that ANYTHING posted here is simply OPINION, and not the gospel! I believe that we all “do recovery” at our own pace, and learn the lessons that we learn, just as we are intended to learn them, by divine grace. It took me a LONG time to really get this lesson: First thing’s first. How I start my day has an enormous impact on my experience moving forward. Very, very often when I first open my eyes in

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