12 Week Women’s Workshop on Recovery for Partners of Sex Addicts:

Facing Heartbreak

What it will do for You

  • Empower you to rise above the trauma of your relationship.
  • Put you in the driver’s seat towards health and happiness.
  • Work Towards:

No more Shame.

No More Resentment.

No More Anger.

No More Fear.


Get LOVE, support, education, and empowerment for your journey moving forward!

How the WORKshop Works


A Closed, private, intimate Group of Partners of Sex Addicts
CSAT Sex Addiction Expert Charlene Lewis


  • A private, password encrypted, SECURE Zoom Call. *Partners can join with video, or simply call in for audio only, at their convenience.
  • Private, Secure On-Line Forum for group members only, to process and share group work as needed throughout the week.


  • 12 Consecutive Saturdays – 10am EST

  • Once Per Quarter

  • Duration: approximately 90-120 minutes



A guided journey through the “Facing Heartbreak” workbook. Each week is comprised of:

  • Educational Seminars
  • Q & A sessions
  • Weekly Homework
  • Small Group Discussion
  • Online Support Forum Participation

The Recovery PLAN


Week 1: Overview – Introduction – Ch.1 

  • You will learn about the instructor,  connect with the other students, and chart out the 8 milestones that we will work through on our journey, together.

Week 2:  Ch. 1 – The Trauma of Discovery.

  • Exercises in this chapter guide you to recognize the symptoms of trauma, and all of the ways that it can be experienced. You will take the first great steps towards safety.

Week 3:  Ch. 2 – Manage the crisis.

  • You will LEARN how to get much needed support, and set boundaries for self-protection .

Week 4:  Ch. 3 – How to deal with the emotional aftershock (Part 1).

  • You will learn ways to cope with shock, process pain, manage anger, release shame, move through confusion, recognize numbness, and find seeds of hope.

Week 5:  Ch. 3 – How to deal with the emotional aftershock (Part 2).

  • You will continue to learn ways to cope with shock, process pain, manage anger, release shame, move through confusion, recognize numbness, and find seeds of hope.

Week 6:  Ch. 4 – The nature of Sex Addiction

  • We learn that sex addiction is about MORE than sex. This condition, like other forms of addiction, , changes the way the brain responds to normal stimuli. This chapter also offers a definition of sex addiction and debunks a few myths about it. As you’ll soon learn, recovery from any form of addiction involves more than abstinence.

Week 7:  Ch. 5 – How to communicate your feelings (Part 1).

  • Guides you through new ways of listening and speaking. Major outcomes of working through the exercises in this chapter include the ability to tune into your feelings during conversations with your partner and to ask for what you want in an assertive,  rather than passive or aggressive way.

Week 8:  Ch. 5 – How to communicate your feelings (Part 2).

  • You will continue to practice forms of communicating: advocating for yourself, and active listening.

Week 9:  Ch. 6 – Make Empowered Choices (Part 1).

  • Supports you as you recognize your habitual reactions to sex addiction and start making conscious and empowered choices instead. You’ll make a contract with yourself to use positive coping strategies. 

Week 10:  Ch. 6 – Make Empowered Choices (Part 2).

  • You’ll also learn to use writing as a tool for healing and to explore the possibility of forgiveness – not as a favor to your partner but a gift to yourself.

Week 11:  Ch. 7 – RECLAIM your sexuality

  • We focus on taking a long-term view of your healing after the immediate crisis has subsided. You’ll explore ways to eventually reclaim your sexuality, fully understand the nature of your partner’s addiction on your sexuality, and celebrate your growth as you make healthy choices for your future.

Week 12:  Ch. 8 – Choose your next steps

  • We will focus on what you have already accomplished by completing some of the exercises and offers supportive hope for the future as you embark on your own path of recovery.

Growth-work assignments will be done throughout the week, individually.

Private on-line forum to interact with instructor and other group members, when questions arise, or encouragement is neede

What the Partners are Saying...


It absolutely will, as long as you know H.O.W. to do it. H.O.W. stands for




Do the work, sequentially, and follow the suggestions and you will get the most out of the process.

Becoming vulnerable and connecting within the group is critical. See where you relate to other women, especially with similar feelings and experiences.  Avoid "contrasting and comparing," and try to suspend judgement.


It is like a cake recipe....there are ingredients and steps that need to be followed. Think of how much time you have spent worrying about your partner's addiction and plan on spending a small fraction of this much time on your recovery!

Your recovery is worth it.

You are worth it!

Spread out over the course of 12 weeks, the cost is negligible when compared to the emotional cost that the addiction is incurring on your life.

Remember, this program and course is not about your partner. It is about you. We will work on strategies to cope with and appropriately respond if and when a relapse occurs.

Only your partner, with professional help, can determine if they are suffering from sex addiction. They will need to have the capacity to be honest with themselves. and hopefully one other person familiar with addiction. Our program "Am I a Sex Addict" and other resources on this site can help your partner determine this.

Course and discussions will be recorded and made available for group members who have missed a session. We will be removing video and names of any group participants to protect anonymity.

Certified Sex Therapists and Sex Addiction Therapists

Recovery is fragile in the beginning. Why settle for anything less than certified experts in the field of sex and sex addiction?



 Am I A Sex Addict?


Get The Answers You Need


  • Sex Addiction The Complete Guide (20 Videos) $499 Value
  • The 3 Stages of Sex Addiction (36 Videos) $399 Value
  • 50 Barriers to Recovery Video $199 Value





Those who are contemplating the possibility that they, or a loved one, is suffering from sex addiction. The course highlights all of its hallmark signs and varying degrees of severity. Finally, it explores the options available to treat the addiction.


What is included?

  • Over 57 Videos Explaining Exactly what Sex Addiction Is, and what it IS NOT.
  • Highlights available options to treat the disease.

Weeks 1: Pre-Module Education 

Understanding the Disease of Sex Addiction

Sex Addiction: The Complete Guide 

  • What to do if you are struggling with sex addiction.
  • In Depth Description the 3 stages of Sex addiction.
  • How to find out if you are a sex addict.
  • Best choices for recovery from sex addiction.
  • Learn who is a sex addict and what it is defined by.
  • Learn the 10 Criteria for sex addiction.
  • Learn how sex addiction compares to other addictions
  • Learn some of the causes of sex addiction.
  • Learn about the root causes of sex addiction.
  • Learn what current science says about sex addiction.
  • Learn about interaction with other addictions
  • Learn Why Sex Addicts cannot “simply stop”
  • What help is available for sex addiction?
  • What is the prognosis for sex addiction?
  • 50 Beliefs that keep Sex addicts sick.
  • How do sex addicts heal?
  • The roll of cybersex in sex addiction.
  • When the best time to get help is.

Sex Addiction: The Three Stages

Stage 1

  • 1 – Stage 1: Introduction
  • 2 – Stage 1 -Dependence Both Physical and Mental Withdrawal
  • 3 – Stage 1 – Creation of Alter EGO THE ADDICT – A new persona
  • 4 – Stage 1 – BREAKING THE addictive cycle within one’s self
  • 5 – Stage 1 – Who can become an addict
  • 6 – Stage 1 – Self Abandoning – Growth of the Addict
  • 7 – Stage 1 – Shame Cycle Negative feedback loop of addiction
  • 8 – Stage 1 – Forgoing Healthy activities and relationships for the addiction
  • 9 – Stage 1 – Addiction compounds and quckens with negative feedback loop

Stage 2

  • 1 – Stage II Lifestyle change
  • 2 – Stage II- Behavioral Change is Most Evident
  • 3 – Stage II – Gaslighting
  • 4 – Stage II – Dependence on Process Substance becomes cemented
  • 5 – Stage II – Defense Mechanisms of the addict develop
  • 6 – Stage II – Self fully surrenders to the addict
  • 7 – Stage II – People Problems
  • 8 – Stage II – Manipulation Mechanics of the Addict
  • 9 Stage II – Family and friends Label Addict – Justifies more addictive behavior
  • 10 – Stage II- Addict Develops Confidence in Manipulations True Self a spectator
  • 11 – Stage II – How therapy can help in Stage 2
  • 12 – Stage II – Spiritual and Emotional Bankruptcy – Addict now fully isolates
  • 13 – Stage II – Spiritual Malady Defined
  • 14 – Stage II – Intensity vs Intimacy

Stage 3

  • 1 – Stage 3 – Intro
  • 2 – Stage 3 – Acting Out and Using Yields No Pleasure – All Pain
  • 3 – Stage 3 – Intervention now likely the only choice
  • 4 – Stage 3 – The Addicts Lifestyle in Final Stage
  • 5 – Stage 3 – Prospect of Change – Recovery Becomes Terrifying
  • 6 – Stage 3 – Extreme Sellf-Consciousness fear shame
  • 7 – Stage 3 – The best time to stop the progression is NOW
  • 8 – Stage 3 – Addict now fully places blame for suffering on others
  • 9 – Stage 3 – The Child Comes Forth
  • 10 – Stage 3 – Suicidal Thoughts
  • 11 – Stage 3 – Addiction a chronic and fatal mental illness
  • 12 – Stage 3 – SOLUTIONS
  • 13 – Stage 3 – Reforming Healthy Dependence – Starting with therapist
  • 14 – Stage 3 – Addict in recovery begins to Give instead of take


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